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Baywatch Slot Machine


From 1989 to 1999, the sexiest lifeguards in the world protected southern California's beaches. The hit TV show Baywatch starred David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson and dozens of lifeguards who saved women, children and helpless young men.

Baywatch became an international phenomenon. Was it the intricate storyline or the low bikini lines? When the show's run ended, Baywatch Hawaii extended the brilliance for another two years. Over a decade later, we are blessed to have a Baywatch slot machine!

Baywatch Rescue is a 5 reel, 30 payline online slot machine featuring more scantily dressed blondes than you'll ever see in a game. There are more features in this game than in the TV show! There's a Speed Boat Wild, special free spin icons with multipliers up to x100 and an 8 level progressive jackpot.

Baywatch Jackpot Symbols

The lifeguard hut is the biggest paying regular symbol - worth 1,000 coins when matched 5 times. Match 5 Pamela's for 750 coins and match 5 Hasselhoff's for 500. The Brunette Babe is worth 500 coins.

There are TWO wilds in the Baywatch slot machine. The Wild with the sun in the background is the first Wild Symbol. It substitutes for all symbols except the scatter and does not appear on the 2nd reel. The second is the Speed Boat Wild. It only shows up on the 3rd reel and after an animated sequence reveals hidden wilds.

The Red Lifebelt is the scatter symbol. When it appears anywhere in the reels during normal play, its value is multiplied by your total stake and distributed with the 3 personal progressive cash pots. When 3 or more scatters appear anywhere on the reels, you've earned your way to Baywatch Free Spins.

Baywatch Bonuses!

B-B-B-B-i-g Babe Bonuses!

You'll be getting lucky more than you think on the Baywatch online slot machine. With two Wild Symbols, you'll max'ing out your winnings! The SpeedBoat Wild is especially cool to land and you'll enjoy a lot of bonus winnings.

Every time you land a Lifeboat Scatter, you collect another chance to win your way to 1 of 3 Progressive Jackpots. If 3 or more Lifebelt Scatters appear at once anywhere on the reels, you've won 12 free spins! During free spins, you can win up to a x100 multiplier if you match 5 of the right symbols!!

There are 3 special Free Spins Symbols - a boy, man and woman in the water. They only appear during free spins. The more Free Spins Symbols that show up, the more your multiplier for that spin. It ranges from x2 to x100 - with a bunch of x60 and x80 multipliers in the pack!

Massive Multipliers!

Pamela's 8 Level Progressive Jackpot!

Pamela must have a twin sister who is a professor, because this Progressive Jackpot has many levels of complexity! Every time you land a Lifeboat Scatter Symbol, you are collecting rights to a better Progressive Jackpot.

There are 3 Progressive Jackpot Winning Symbols - the Rescue Child, Rescue Woman and Rescue Man. You need to complete a minimum of 8 levels (by landing 8 Lifebelts) to win the Rescue Child Jackpot. The Rescue Woman Jackpot will cost you 4 levels and the man takes 3 levels to win.

The Baywatch developers did a great job in coming up with the 3 Progressive Jackpots. Collecting Lifebelts and saving a man, woman and child is the perfect way to earn your way to 1 of 3 Progressive Jackpots.

High Level Progressive Jackpots!

Baywatch - For the Winnings!

The Baywatch online slot machine game is impressive. We expected simplicity and the game surprised us with intricate game play. Pamela Anderson and the 8 level Progressive Jackpot - for the winnings!

The graphics in the game are sunny and bright - its like watching a Baywatch cartoon. We liked seeing Pamela and Hasselhoff a lot in the game. The free spins with the massive multipliers were a great addition. One of us spinned for the x80 multiplier while we were testing it out!

The only thing cooler than raw nostalgia is nostalgia with 3 Progressive Jackpots! Free spins, multipliers and jackpots are the bread and butter of slot games and Baywatch has them all!

Win a x100 Multiplier on Baywatch!

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